Arman Insurance Capital Increase

The Extraordinary General Assembly of Arman Insurance was held in order to decide on the increase of the company’s capital, with the presence of shareholders, CEO and members of the Board of Directors of Arman Insurance, representatives of Central Insurance, OTC Iran Company, auditor and statutory auditor.

In the meeting of Arman Insurance Extraordinary General Assembly on the first of January of this year, with the increase of the company’s capital from 1500 billion Rials to 2500 billion Rials (equivalent to 66%) from the shareholders’ cash income of 1000 billion Rials with the majority of votes present in The meeting was approved.

This meeting was held from 10:00 AM on the first Sunday of December 1999 in the Shams Tabrizi Assembly Hall of the central building of Arman Insurance with the presence of 60.40% of the shareholders in person and online, observing the health protocols and the requirements of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters.