Online Training

Virtual education or e-learning is a suitable space for distance learning and on the Internet. At a predetermined time, instructor and students enter the virtual classroom. In this kind of education, besides the image and sound of the teacher is available to all members, students can also send their sound and image to other members of the class if the teacher agrees. In Online training, the instructor can share the desired educational topics in PDF files and PowerPoint slides formats. Students can also share files in various formats to present their class activities

Also, according to the tools provided for Roka virtual education system, all the capabilities that students and instructors need are embedded. Therefore, in terms of educational quality, there is no distinction between real and virtual classes

Roka online training system

Online training advantages

Here are some of the advantages of a virtual education system to face-to-face and physical education.

1. Sharing any number of videos and educational content by the instructor

3. Keep health the community and you (in the current state of Corona)

5. Reduce training costs

7. Eliminate time worries and create peace of mind in learnings

9. Information updating

2. Removal of temporal and spatial constraints

4. Access to unrestricted content resources

6. Time saving

8. Holding all the features and capabilities of a real (physical) training class

Features of Roka online educational service:

Ryan Nik Tajhiz Company has added valuable facilities and capabilities to Roka educational system to help instructors and students. Some of them are:

1. Opportunity to enter the training class without internet (in cases when students do not have access to the internet)

3. Create a dedicated room for each teacher

5. Converting any page from the computer to a digital whiteboard

7. Possibility of delivering assignments for students

2. Asking questions in the form of exams or polls and voting by the course instructor

4. Sharing desktop or any page and software from PC

6. Students roll calling

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