Web Conference

Using Roka virtual meeting system, this possibility is provided for employees, managers, deputies and to be able to participate and interact in meetings virtually in different geographical locations. All you need to attend the meeting and interact with audio and video is to have a regular internet line, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Members can participate in a fully interactive way with a microphone and webcam by using a computer. Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many companies and banks have been able to communicate with their branches in different provinces through this system and minimize the costs and potential risks of inter-provincial travel.

Companies and banks require virtual meetings and one-way live internet broadcasting (interaction only through questions and answers). Roka Internet lives broadcasting system offers to employers to use it. For more information, you can download the Roka catalog in the live internet section and also view the records of Roka online assembly system in the live online broadcast of the assemblies. Roka experts are ready to inform esteemed users about web conferencing and live internet broadcasting.

Roka Web Conference System

Some questions!

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, join us:

1.  Do you want to eliminate the cost and fatigue of travel?

3.  Is maintaining the health of yourself and other members of the community important to you?

5.  Do you want to keep pace with the largest companies, banks and organizations in the country?

2. Do you want to convene a meeting at any time of the day or night?

4. Do you want to be up to date?

6. Do you want to help protect the environment?

Roka Web Conference System

The following are some of the features and capabilities of the web conferencing service. It should be noted that additional descriptions and more detailed descriptions of the features are provided in the catalog, which can be downloaded on this page.

1. Dedicated and completely Persian panel for recording meetings

3. Public chat for all users

5. Phone call system to enter the meeting, without the need for internet

7. High quality images

2. Supports all web conferencing cameras directly

4. Visual and auditory system

6. Connection to the meeting without the need to install software (fully web)

8. Live broadcast sessions and post for thousands