Live Streaming

Roka Live Internet lets you watch, create, and share any event in real-time. With any smart device, such as mobile, tablet, laptop or computer and without installing any software or plugins, you can watch your desired online event. If you want to hold an online event, you can contact Roka Consultants (in the Contact Us section) to describe the best and most cost-effective services that is regarding the subject of the online event and circumstances. Among the events and ceremonies that have been mostly held online after the corona outbreak, we can include live internet streaming of stock exchange companies (public joint-stock companies), live internet streaming of companies and private joint-stock hospitals, holding complex meetings Residential, and live stream of the celebration and condolence ceremony.

To learn more about Roka live internet streaming services, download Roka services catalog from this page. If you need to broadcast live the meetings of listed companies, you can watch the video of some of the meetings held by Roka system by clicking on the meeting held on this page.

Roka live stream system

Roka Live Stream Service

In what ceremonies and events the internet live stream services can be used as follow:

1.  Conferences and seminars

3. Lottery Ceremony

5. Great mourning (like Muharram)

7. Exchange Assemblies

9. Educational webinars

2. Opening Ceremony

4. Funeral services

6. Wedding parties

8. Introducing the members of the board of directors of companies

Features of Roka live stream system:

It worth be noted that the following are only brief references to the capabilities of the Roka live stream system. Please download the catalog of Roka live stream services from this site or contact our consultants to receive additional information

1. Send questions privately to online users (ticketing system)

3. Presence of several speakers in a live program (with geographical distances)

5. User authentication

7. Rent a small green curtain and rent a large green curtain

2. Shooting with 1 to 3 cameras

4. Sharing files in different formats by the speaker

6. Live program records held

8. Live stream customization through customer request