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Rayan Nik Tajhiz Company, with a long history in various areas of informatics, started launching telecommuting services and conference systems in 2019. During this period, employing specialized and committed engineers, it was able to collaborate with well-known companies.

Roka service covers all three telecommunication systems (training/ web conferencing/ live broadcast) with attractive capabilities. Roka offers the most appropriate services according to the customer’s needs (unique for each user).

A & Q

General Questions


No, the instructor can be present wherever access the Internet and turn the desktop or special software into a whiteboard and teach.


Yes, in online classes, both professors and students can share files in various formats.

After registering the session in the system, the room number and password will be sent by a text message to all approved persons.

In this case, you can contact Roka consultants and request the appropriate service. Our consultants will offer you the most suitable and cost-effective item

Technical Questions


No, it can be accessed with home internet.

Yes, the manager canaccess the output of the meetings with full details with his/her account (account for the manager).

Yes, you can join the meeting with your username and password and have the audio and video of the other members. If you want to talk, you can activate the telephone communication system and join the meeting by dialing a number. In this way, other people present at the meeting hear your voice. (Obviously, in this case, other users will only have your voice).

Yes, you can change the images on the back of the speaker’s live screen. You can also add text, charts, statistics, figures, and organizational logos on the speaker screen.


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