Online Roundtable

Roka Roundtable System is a practical and valuable system that has been designed with great care and obsession by the expert and committed team of Ryan Nik Tajhiz Company. In this system, the manager or the relevant official can send the virtual meeting to thousands of viewers with any number of users in a live format (without restrictions). People, who watch an online meeting, know what decisions were made at the meeting.

Roka’s online roundtable system is practical for public joint-stock companies, companies with many branches, companies that need to report to many people, etc. Through this system, companies can save time and money and keep up with the latest telecommuting technologies too.

Roka’s online roundtable system

Remote work advantages and disadvantages:

Since telecommuting services have become more widely used in recent months due to the spread of the Coronavirus, it may seem that these services and systems have not been used before due to their intangible and inefficiency. The services have been used for many years and have had desirable and satisfactory results in developed countries for years. Also, in our own country, large organizations, companies, and banks have been using these systems for years to facilitate matters. Among the advantages of using telecommuting services (including online roundtable) are the following:

1. To select employees without geographical restrictions

3. Cost savings (for both employees and managers)

5. Holding all the capabilities that existed for employees and managers in a normal situation

2. Time saving

4. Reduce traffic and energy consumption and help to preserve the environment

Advantages of Roka Online Roundtable System:

The following are some of the features of Roka Online Roundtable. For a more detailed description of these features, contact our experts.

1. Ability to confirm users and prevent the entry of unauthorized people

3. Desktop Sharing

5. Surveying users who are watching a virtual meeting live

7. Session registration panel for booking and information of people who must attend the virtual meeting

2. Ability to manage people in an online way

4. Login by phone without the need for internet

6. Sharing files for all online users

8. In short, it has all the features of web conferencing and lives streaming online at the same time